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Cognitive Hypnotherapy puts you in touch with your own internal resources, allowing you to move forward in life. Origami can help you identify hidden or recurrent problems and find new strategies to finally overcome them.


In doing this, you can open the door to new opportunities, and step forward with the confidence of knowing you are the best version of you.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy allows us to speak more directly to the unconscious mind, while the conscious mind remains aware at all times. It is completely safe and offers only positive side effects, and is simply a state of enhanced relaxation, referred to as an alpha-trance state. 


The depth to which a client goes into alpha-trance varies from person to person. Although, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is still effective whether in a light, medium or deep state of trance.


Areas in which ORIGAMI Cognitive Hypnotherapy services can help:

  • Low self-esteem

  • Lack of confidence

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and panic

  • Phobias

  • Weight loss

  • Smoking cessation

  • Exam prep / anxiety 


Dr Kate Blackford Ph.D.

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