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How I can help you 

My approach isn’t like talking therapies, where its endless raking through the bad stuff and feeling like nothing’s changed. 


Instead, I draw upon the best tools and techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, Gestalt, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology. 


Which helps you to:

free yourself from the grip of anxiety, worry and depression

stop feeling like a prisoner to ‘head stuff’

be in control of your emotions and reactions 

trust yourself, feel confident, feel capable

create the life you want


How it works


When we start, I’ll spend time listening to you to form a clear picture of what’s causing your troubles. I’ll then introduce tools and techniques I think will be helpful to you.


For example, if you have anxiety, I’ll choose techniques that free you from the intensity of your symptoms. Or, if you have depression, I’ll choose techniques to lift your mood. 


Whatever your situation, I’ll always help you feel soothed, calm and safe. And we’ll move at a pace that feels manageable for you. 


My clients appreciate there’s no textbook answer which tries to fit them into a box. Instead, I treat you as the unique person you are. In other words, your sessions and the tools and techniques I use, are completely tailored to your needs. 

I will help you



Respond with confidence and clarity to others, instead of being imprisoned by ingrained reactions



Rewrite old behaviour patterns that hold you back, so you feel capable and in control



Take an active role in your recovery, which rebuilds your confidence and self-belief


Once your worst symptoms, feelings and thoughts have passed, I’ll help you gently build a sense of self-worth. So that you can begin to see a better future for yourself.


We’ll then start your journey into the life you want to be living. 

sessions are held on Zoom or Skype (to keep you, your loved ones and the community safe during the pandemic)

each session lasts between 50-60 minutes

we’ll work together for either four or eight sessions (more if needed)

you’ll learn tools and techniques to use between sessions and for life

everything you tell me is confidential

my support is there for you between sessions too. If you need it.

Invest in yourself
My rates for cognitive hypnotherapy are:


£105 one session

£397 four sessions

£797 eight sessions

You can rest assured that:

you won’t spend hundreds of pounds for months on end 

you’ll never feel like you’re going to fall to pieces

you’ll never think “I may be self-aware now but nothing’s actually changed” (hello talking therapies)

you won’t be asked to do silly things

you won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with 

you’re never out of control

you’re never under my control 

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