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Origami offers consultancy, coaching and training services to enhance business performance through your people. By appreciating diversity, enhancing engagement and enabling individuals your business can truly thrive.


The Origami approach is based on sound evidence based practice from the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology and Business Management. The Origami person-centred approach enables your business to tap into the wealth of knowledge and creativity your colleagues possess to create a dynamic business culture.


All businesses are unique and Origami offers an approach tailored to the specific needs and aims of your business.  Included in the suite of services offered by Origami:


  • Corporate strategy workshops for business excellence through a human focus

  • Developing your strategic narrative

  • Developing RACI

  • Leadership coaching and training – from supervisor to senior executive level

  • Building effective teams

  • Root Cause Analysis for understanding behaviour

  • Developing meeting protocols for effective incident review

  • Culture surveys – Quality of Working Life, Well-being, Safety

  • Climate surveys – Quality of Working Life, Well-being, Safety

  • Effective communications around safety, health and well-being

  • Shaping Key Performance Indicators to drive positive and proactive behaviours at all levels.


Dr Kate Blackford Ph.D.

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