A little more about me

I have worked with clients both nationally and internationally, and in a range of industries from food manufacturing at the Heinz, Kitt Green plant, to oil and gas technologies with Schlumberger and with road gangs and quarry workers at Tarmac UK and International.

My experience as a consultant augmented my interest in the field of organisational psychology and an interest not only in occupational health and workplace safety, but in factors influencing quality of working life (QoWL) more generally.


My PhD explores factors that impact upon quality of working life and seeks to develop tools that will aid businesses in realising the benefits associated with addressing employee quality of working. 


I aspire to explore ways to distil this knowledge and its practical realisation through the development of change interventions in the workplace.


My research interests include:

  • Quality of working life

  • Behaviour based safety

  • Culture and leadership style and

  • Human error.


My current projects include:

  • PhD on “Exploring factors that influence Quality of Working Life” which is being part funded by the Health & Safety Executive and by South West Regional Development Agency.

What sets me apart

Cognitive Hypnotherapy treats the person, not the problem. My approach identifies and understands the problem first, and then works with the client to enable them to develop a resolution.


By understanding the unique underlying issues and working with the client to tap into their existing resources, successful, long-term solutions can be found.


My experience and training have given me a unique view point, from the boardroom strategies of global industries to the challenges of individual colleagues. With my Psychology Ph.D, I bring an informed, studied and bespoke solution to both organisational strategy and personal development.


  • Ph.D. Organisational Psychology (University of Bath)

  • IIAI Lead Accident Investigation, Distinction (IIAI)

  • Degree in Psychology (University of Reading)


Dr Kate Blackford Ph.D.


07824 376926