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Do you feel anxious and out of control?

It’s exhausting isn’t it.

The constant self-doubt. Fear of being judged. Questioning yourself like you’re on trial. Always worrying about work, your kids, your health, your looks, your finances.

I get it. Sometimes life feels like you’re a professional plate spinner! But the truth is, there IS a way to feel calm, sleep better, have more energy-and feel more in control.

You just need to make a few simple changes to your day.

That’s why I’ve created a 7 day email course to help you make these changes. With ease. Think of my course like your best supportive friend-in your inbox every day for a week.

What you get:

Over the week you’ll receive:

one email a day for 7 days 
my tips for how to make simple changes that make your life easier
plenty of words of support and encouragement

Even if you don’t have time or headspace, try following my tips anyway. After one week you’ll start to feel more relaxed and in control.




The way Kate works you feel held. She's sympathetic, gentle and you feel she's got your best interests at heart. I have turned a corner and so much was thanks to the work with Kate.” 


I don't think I have a vocabulary good enough to describe just how wonderful, supportive, empathetic and genuine Kate is

In general I feel I have improved as a person, in understanding myself and I feel better and happier.  I’ve learnt how to intercept and cut off my critical judge a lot better than I could before 


Get your free email mini course now:

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