Therapy that frees you from anxiety, worry and self-doubt

A happier life

Can you imagine trusting yourself? Feeling so calm, in control and able to see things clearly, that you're capable of doing anything you want?

Things that make you feel well.  things that make you feel happy.

Perhaps you would... 

  • take up running and attend classes at the gym

  • practice yoga at home

  • start each day with a calm cup of tea

  • go for walks in your lunch break

  • enjoy family dinner time

  • relax on the sofa with a book

  • listen to a relaxing bedtime audio

No more cleaning at the weekend because you've hired a cleaner!

You could be...

  • expressing your needs to your partner

  • being patient with your kids

  • enjoying dating

  • being assertive at work

  • going for that promotion

  • applying for a new job

  • even changing career altogether

Any of these things, and more, is possible when you feel good about yourself.


I can help you

By working with me one-to-one, you'll discover how to live life free of symptoms like anxiety, worry, self-doubt, insomnia and headaches.

I'll help you resolve the deeper issues holding you back.  And give you tools and techniques to trust yourself, value yourself and increase your confidence.

Every step of the way we'll go at your pace and tailor the sessions to your needs.

I'll do my best for you and support you to create the life you want.

I used to feel like you, but not anymore

I had it all - the nice home, car, well paid job, loving partner.  I was outwardly successful: a Ph.D., years of managing corporate change, leadership and coaching people in the workplace. 

But... I'd wake up every morning feeling dread.  Sit in work meetings not able to breathe.  Worried about what my boss thought of me.  Panic attacks each night.

It was only when I turned to a Cognitive Hypnotherapist for help that everything changed.

With her guidance I discovered and healed the root of my unhappiness.  I resolved traumatic memories from my past.  Became free from anxiety.  And made a big career change.

Now I wake up every morning happy to be alive.

I was so inspired by this change, it felt natural to train as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist myself.  I wanted to help women, who struggle with anxiety, find a way out too.  Like I did.  To create a happier life.  I've been doing this now since 2019. 

I help my clients live the life they want to live, to be free of the stuff holding them back.  Not to feel they've got to please others. To believe it's OK to make decisions about what they want.  To feel confident in the things they do. 

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Get in touch via the button below and we'll arrange a time to talk.  I'm looking forward to reading your message. 

9 things I love and believe in…


  1. My partner Paul and friends

  2. Early morning walks with my dogs Ava and Link

  3. Painting and singing

  4. Sitting in the sunshine 

  5. Flowers, bumble bees, humming birds (and sloths!)

  6. Reading supernatural thrillers 

  7. Watching medical dramas and sagas

  8. Beautiful clothes

  9. Supporting soldiers and veterans with PTSD

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