I help women free

themselves from their

struggle with anxiety


Supportive, gentle and effective therapy that works.

Reading, Berkshire and Online


Are you dealing with anxiety?

Endless worrying?

Constantly questioning yourself?

If so, I offer therapy for women like you.  Women that juggle it all.  

Putting everyone else first - your family, your partner, your boss, your colleagues.

While inside you struggle to cope.

I can free you of the grip of this struggle...

to help you discover how to live the life that makes you happy.

I can help you

Stop the worry, self-doubt and exhaustion

Feel in control of your emotions and reactions

Feel calm, confident and (yes) even courageous


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Do you feel anxious about everything, all the time?

Your boss, your kids, your health, your looks, money. Everything.

It's exhausting isn't it? 

Constant self-doubt.  Fear of being judged.  Always questioning yourself.

The good news is I've created a mini email course to share my best tips to reduce anxiety.  So that you can:

  • feel calmer

  • sleep better, and

  • have more energy

Even if you're busy and juggling all these things.  This course helps you make small, manageable changes.  That make your days feel easier.

You'll receive one email a day for one week.  Each email contains my tips and encouragement.

Plus, because I've spread the emails out, you won't feel overwhelmed. 

In fact, each tip is quick and easy to implement.

Just complete the short form below for my free mini course to reduce your anxiety and make your days feel so much easier.


"Since working with Kate I can affect my emotions rather than my emotions completely ruling me.  That's huge.  To not feel completely the slave of the crap that's going on.  I'm starting to listen to my gut, my own instinct and my insight rather than my head" - E


"The way Kate works you feel held.  She's sympathetic, gentle and you feel she's got your best interests as heart.  I have turned a corner and so much was thanks to the work with Kate." - L


"I don't think I have the vocabulary good enough to describe just how wonderful, supportive, empathetic and genuine Kate is." - M



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